10 Things Every Bride Needs to Know BEFORE Meeting with Their Floral Designer | The Wild Dahlia

It's time for another blog takeover! This time it's with the lovely Shawna of The Wild Dahlia and she has some delightful tips that will make your first meeting with your floral designer like a walk in the garden (pun intended ;-) ). Enjoy snaps of her new shop in Pembroke along the way!

1. Budget - As with all vendors, there a general rule of thumb on the percentage of your budget. Many brides allocate 10-12% of their overall budget to floral design.

2. Trust Your Designer - We're artists and we LOVE a little creative freedom. I personally work best when I can choose to add my personal spin on a design, so it is important to make sure you fully trust what your designer will do!

3. Pinterest Can Be Your Worst Enemy - It's difficult to replicate a photo that been edited and lightened or darkened. The flowers can look quite different in person and sometimes what you think is a soft pink, is orange in real life.

4. Choose Seasonal Flowers - This helps you stay within your budget! Asking your designer to find a flower that doesn't grow in your wedding season can add a hefty price tag due to the rarity of that bloom in the off season.

5. Be Realistic - All aspects of the floral arrangement and design add to it. If you see a photo of a tall centerpiece dripping in crystal that you just love, there is a larger price tag associated with that overall design. 

6. Mock Ups are Challenging - Doing a mockup five months in advance is difficult because the flowers that will be in bloom on your wedding date are either not available, vary in size or vary in hues because they aren't fully formed. Although we can't control weather from year to year, you will likely get a better idea if you come to us in the same month of your wedding date a year prior.

7. Come with a Solid Idea - ...of your palette, the overall feeling you want to exude and some of your favorite flowers. The more info, the better!

8. Choose Your Florist Based on the Style You Find Aesthetically Pleasing - and that matches your style best. The photos we put on our site and social media give a good indication of the style you can expect and also showcases our favorite way to work!

9. Know Your Priorities - This doesn't only apply to knowing where floral design falls in your overall wedding budget. Have an idea of what aspects of your day you'd like to highlight and focus your floral budget in that area.  Is it the ceremony? Reception? Cocktail Hour? You choose!

10. If You're Doing a First Look - Consider purchasing a replica or slightly smaller version of your bouquet and your groom's boutonnière. Sometimes the timeline puts your first look several hours before the ceremony and the elements can take away a lot of the luster of your flowers by the time you're ready to walk down the aisle!

Shawna decided to create The Wild Dahlia this past September after a successful nine year floral event design partnership to create a new brand that let her creative freedom shine. Within that short time, The Wild Dahlia has been featured in Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow and Southern New England Wedding Magazine and is almost fully booked for 2017.  So contact her NOW ladies!


Floral Design: The Wild Dahlia
Photography: Meredith Jane Photography