2018 Year In Review with Bloopers and Behind the Scenes | Meredith Jane Photography

Phew!! WHAT A YEAR!!! 2018 was full of some of the best moments of our lives and this little business and I’m so excited to finally share some of the behind the scenes with you! Boy did we have fun. We shot 30 weddings, had our own wedding in the mix and did it all while having the most fun I think we’ve EVER had!! There were SO many wedding favorites this year that I’d say it’s best to just scroll through all of my favorites here… not to mention all of the beautiful engagement sessions! We’ll save this year end post for just the fun ones!! A lot of these are from my phone so please bear with me on the low resolution. They were just too good to pass up!


Let me start by saying… I love Chris (my husband) so much and I am SO thankful for all of the heavy lifting he does… even when he says feels like a pack mule… I’m lucky to call him mine. You’ll see below he even helps the makeup artists sometimes! Such an amazing guy.


He even gets the worst seat sometimes… but has fun none the less!


It’s always fun when we get to play with the veil… and he’s a trooper for that too!


And hey… I carry stuff too…

This year we even took on an assistant and associate and he was great! Introducing Matt! Thank you for all of your help and fun this year and I can’t wait for you to take on an even bigger role next year. Not to mention your drone shots! Clearly Chris and I need to work on our cake poses.

I feel like every year I wind up on a ridiculous method of transportation. This year was no exception.


… but mostly I’m just always walking backwards…


..or falling backwards…


… or just glaring at the lights when they don’t cooperate.


Meanwhile Chris is making friends with everyone he comes across and helping kids with toys.


Or helping brides get to the best spot for the best photo!


And the best? When the groomsmen ask him to be in a photo with them!!


And it’s the best when a bride asks me for a selfie!


There are just so many other good ones… I’m just going to leave them right here for you, because sometimes… photos are funnier without a caption:


This was such an incredible year and we loved all of our couples so so much. Essentially… if you couldn’t see me during your vows, I looked like this because I was that close to all of our couples:


Thank you all for an incredible year! We were so so honored to have been able to capture your special moments and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!