Welcome to the World Lucy | Newton, MA

It was such a pleasure meeting the most adorable little newborn, Lucy for the first time.  She spent her entire session completely asleep and it was one of the cutest things I've seen. She already calms at the sound of her new parent's voices and the feel of their touch. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, Olivia and Ben, she is absolutely precious.

Baby Madison | Lifestyle Newborn Session in Seaport, Boston, MA

It was this biggest blizzard to hit Boston so far this year and I had the pleasure of spending it meeting Madison, Ashley and Bryan. Madison came into this world just seven days before and I got to capture some of these first moments of her and her parents. She was absolutely precious and didn't fuss ONCE... well maybe a little when we changed her outfit for a third time, but that is completely understandable.  Ashley and Bryan were so welcoming to me and absolute naturals with their new little one.  Madison has entered into one of the most adorable families and I can't wait to see her grow up!

Allison and Lincoln's Holiday Shoot | Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Yet another LOVELY Syracuse University couple found in Boston! I love this town and how it seems to draw so many of us to it.  We had so much fun spending the afternoon on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall to capture a few holiday shots for these adorable newlyweds. Lincoln said he felt like it was their engagement shoot all over again and I was happy to oblige. Happy Holidays to Alli and Lincoln!

Kati and Mike's Love Session | Portland Head Light, ME

Where do I begin with Kati and Mike? Kati of Kati Rosado Photography reached out to me a few months before my birthday mentioning that she'd be in Maine and wanted to know if Chris and I would like some photos of the two of us.  I was ecstatic because not only do we rarely get to be on the other side of the camera together, but she was also going to be there on my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! We made a plan and stayed with our dear friends Alex and Zach up in Portland and got ready to have some photos taken the next day.  I, of course, was not going tobe able to resist taking some photos of her and her husband too, so we made a plan to swap and it was the best decision ever.  Portland Head Light was clearly made for your typical engagement session.  Every nook and cranny was more beautiful than the last. The light was incredible just after a storm had passed and Kati even let me take a couple shots on her Contax Film Camera (I may be in love).  I hadn't shot film since I was in middle school so it was great to be back in that mind set.  Here's the day from our perspective and I can't wait to show you what Kati has of us!


For a bonus here are a couple that we snapped of each other :-P  See you all next time!


Alex and Zach's Mini Maternity Session | Portland, ME

Ever since I was lucky enough to have Chris come into my life, I have been in awe of the number of wonderful people he brought along with him.  Alex and Zach are two of those wonderful people, and when Alex and I met, I could tell almost immediately that we would be fast friends. I knew I'd be a better person for knowing her and her husband.  They are just THAT giving, loving, and fun and I was so excited that I was able to capture their last few weeks as a two-some.  This baby has no idea what an incredible family she is going to be born into.


Frank is their seven-year-old chocolate lab who couldn't resist joining in on the fun.


After a quick change, Alex showed me her nursery and we had a good laugh about how difficult it was for her to get on the floor for these pictures.  


Congratulations Zach and Alex!! We're so excited to meet her in the coming weeks!

Nantucket Family Photos

What fun it was to spend the day on Nantucket and then pop over to this lovely family's house to take some pictures! I have been to Nantucket several times with Chris, but this was my first time solo.  Although I LOVE spending time with Chris on this quaint little island, it was nice to hit up the amazing shopping Nantucket has to offer.  I wish I had brought an entire empty shopping cart with me because everything at Four Winds Gifts would have been mine.  I will simply say this family was a pleasure to work with and I feel like I have a new set of friends on Nantucket.

A photo session goal of theirs was to get all five smiling at the camera... success!

The family shiba inu made his appearance from time to time, but from what I've heard, he's "not very photogenic"... coulda fooled me!

We spent the rest of the day inside their beautiful home because the mosquitos decided to show their ugly beaks a little early.  I am SO glad we made this decision because this couch made the perfect backdrop for the family moments that followed.

This shot is my absolute favorite.  Pure family bliss. Or "contagious joy" as one of my Instagram followers so perfectly described.

Welcome to the World James Peter | Newton, MA

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of Katerina and Tom's family, James Peter.  From the day I met Katerina four years ago, she gushed over how much she wanted to be a mom and I remember her knowing then that Tom was the one. When I heard from her a few months ago that she was pregnant, I could not have been more delighted knowing that this is always what she has wanted.

They have the cutest nursery set up for their new little boy and he was the absolute cutest, even when he was a little fussy.


You can just tell he has the Greek heritage already!He was a little fussy from time to time, but that didn't stop mommy and daddy from looking so incredibly content and happy.And then... sleep.


Definitely 10 fingers and 10 toes! I counted :)


Thank you Katerina and Tom for letting me capture the newest "love of your life," I can't wait to watch him grow.