A North End Engagement | Courtney and Kurt

One very late night while we were in Ireland and Courtney and Kurt were on a road trip with their family, I got to know this couple through one of the best phone calls I've ever had.  They told me about how they had their first date in the North End (Boston's little Italy) and how Kurt proposed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome and I just knew they embodied everything of a true MJP couple.  I got off the phone that night feeling like I had met new friends of ours and I already couldn't wait to meet them in person recreate their first date night in the North End with them. 

As the story goes, on their first date they went to see a movie and then got pizza at Cafe Pompeii in the North End.  Courtney ordered in Italian and Kurt was smitten, putting her in his phone as "Courtney Spaghetti" and the rest is history. While we didn't go sit in a movie theatre, we did get to steal a few bites of pizza on THE bench they sat on next to Paul Revere during their first date. Man oh man, May 2018 can't come soon enough! Congrats you two!