A Year In Review | 2017

Strap in guys... this is a long one! How is it even possible that 2017 is almost over?  I distinctly remember writing this post last year and thinking... I don't know how on earth this year could possibly be topped, but we went and did it again.  I could not be more thankful for how this year has humbled me and made me find gratitude in each and every day.  I couldn't do what I do without the extreme love and support of friends and family and of course all of my wonderful clients.  You all mean so much to me and I cannot thank you enough.


Chances are if you've been following the blog you already know many of these, but here are a few personal and business notables!:

- Chris and I traveled to Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland and France
- Chris traveled to Brazil
- I attended a wedding photography workshop
- We shot 28 weddings and I second shot a few additional weddings
- One of our engagement sessions was published on Style Me Pretty
- I wrote 76 blog posts this year
- I turned 30 and threw a party
- We put together a styled shoot with Always Yours Events
- We were published on the front page of Style Me Pretty
- Chris popped the question!
- We're STILL working on our Southie condo (long story)
- I photographed a Thanksgiving Styled Shoot
- We were picked for Style Me Pretty's Top 10 Engagement Sessions of 2017
- Chosen for The Knot's "Best of" for 2018
- Made it to 3100 likes on Facebook and 8200 likes on Instagram!
- And most importantly.. got to photograph 60+ love stories!!

Our Favorites:

Behind the Scenes:

Sometimes there are mishaps and I'm already kicking myself for not being better about taking pictures of each other! But here are the few behind the scenes photos we did take that may leave you giggling a little bit :-P.  We'll try to be better in 2018!

I'm always trying to make things extra pretty...

Chris is always with the groomsmen... sometimes with hilarious results.

Sometimes we get in each others way... 

Sometimes I catch him snapping one of me.

Sometimes I don't.

I often "test the light"... but really it's just because he's so handsome.

One time we had just gotten engaged the Saturday before and were pretty excited about it.

Usually the veil flows perfectly... sometimes it doesn't.

Typically the best light really is behind the dumpster...

Sometimes we zipline...

...and actually really do need to test the light.

Occasionally Chris gets to spin me around when he's a groomsman...

...and we ALWAYS love when couples/our new friends want a picture with us at the end of the night

Finally, on the very rare occasion... we get one of ourselves when the videographer offers.  Thanks for a great year everyone, we can't WAIT to see what next year has in store for us.