BLOG TAKEOVER - Selecting a Menu Your Wedding Day | Pinehills Pavilion, Plymouth, MA

It's time for another blog takeover!  This time from a favorite local venue where I got to spend the day with one of my MJP couples, Ashley and Mike. Katy Valentine has been is the Event Coordinator at The Pavilion at Pinehills Golf Club for a decade.  Through the past 10 years, she has seen the wedding industry grow and change drastically with the use of social media so she jumped at the opportunity to share with you her experience when it comes to selecting a menu...

How exciting!  You’ve found your perfect match, the dream dress, and your vendors are booked.  Now it’s time to dive in to the endless options your venue has to offer for your wedding menu.  “Where do I start?”  “How do I narrow it down to only select 3 options for meals?”  “What if my guests are picky or have allergies?”  As an Event Coordinator, these are common questions that I hear over and over again which is understandable since the catering portion of the wedding budget is generally one of the biggest expenses. As someone who works in the industry, I can attest, we want our couples to be prepared for their tasting and to leave more than satisfied knowing we will create the perfect meal to enhance their guests’ experience.  But, equally as important, make it personal and something that reflects the bride and groom.

Nowadays, it is almost unheard of to not come across a list of guests who have allergies to foods containinggluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish, FRESH AIR (JUST JOKING)…. You get the picture.  While it is nice of you to consider each and every guest, there is no way couples can plan their wedding menus to cater to each individual guest’s dietary needs and preferences.  In fact, trying to do so will make you a little crazy and either blow your budget or provide a bland spread.  Those with allergies and dietary issues know what they can and cannot eat so just be sure to offer a variety.  Most venues have the flexibility to handle on-site dietary requests and can make tweaks to just about any entrée to accommodate these special needs.  I would always encourage you to choose foods that most appeal to you, after all, it’s your day!

That brings me to my next suggestion when it comes time to selecting menu.  Make it personal.  Often times the question of “What do you like” gets overshadowed by the worry of what all of your guests would like.  This day is to show your guests a slice of who you are and your selection of food is a unique way to do so.  Cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity to display you and showcase your favorite things.  Take this social opportunity to show your guests a great time and give them a sneak peek into what’s in store for the rest of the evening by making personal decisions about music, décor, signature cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres.  If you both live off of Mac N Cheese, talk to your venue about putting a fun spin on the classic by passing an elegant version like Lobster Mac and Cheese or setting up a Build-Your-Own Mac and Cheese Bar.  This “Mac Daddy” station could be the talk of the night and what guests rave about at work on Monday.

When it comes down to it, this day is all about you and celebrating everything and everyone you love.  Why wouldn’t you make it a personal reflection of everything that YOU LOVE.  Your catering team can certainly help you with the small details but be sure to speak to them about what it is you love and think is a fun reflection of who you both are.  Enjoy the process as it all goes by quickly and you only have one opportunity to make it about you!