Our Honeymoon | Mykonos, Santorini and Athens, Greece

Now that you all have seen our fairy tale wedding… I feel like we can FINALLY share some photos from our honeymoon to Greece! Six months later and I am still nostalgic over every photo. This place was simply gorgeous everywhere you turn. I was in awe of the kindness of the locals and we are already planning to return for our ten year anniversary!!

We started our trip in Mykonos where we had heard was the party place to go. We were worried when jet lag caused us to sleep in until 10am, but we were quickly relieved when we saw the island was still sleeping. It turns out nothing really opens in Mykonos until the evening because it is such a party place! We definitely obliged but those fun photos will have to remain on our iPhones for all of time :-P. Let’s just say there may or may not be some photos of me asleep on our hotel doorstep after a night out!

The last photo above is another tourist’s attempt at taking a picture for us. I know my camera is complicated… oh well! Next we took a ferry to Santorini and nicely slept the whole way. Santorini was almost the exact opposite of Mykonos. It was full of relaxing spas, yacht cruises, cliff hikes and beautiful sunsets. We even got up one morning to see the sunrise and have our photos taken along the caldera. Santorini has our heart and we can’t wait to return!

After the scariest flight of my life to date (it was a reeeeally old plane) we landed in Athens a couple of hours late and rushed to see everything we had on our list… and we did it! We definitely sprinted up the hill to see the Parthenon before they shut it down, but it was totally worth it.

Until next time Greece. Thank you for much needed fun, time alone together and relaxation after our big day!

Mrs. Hat: A. Hopkins - a-hopkins21@comcast.net
Mykonos Hotel: Mykonos Bay Hotel
Santorini Hotel: Pezoules of Oia