Packing for Your Honeymoon | We're Headed To Europe!

For some of you avid travelers these might seem like no brainers but for me learning all of this was GOLD! My friend Sophia travels the world on practically a daily basis and I'll never forget the time she helped me pack for two weeks in a carry on. It was magical.  I'm now putting all of these to use AGAIN because we leave for Ireland, Switzerland and Scotland on THURSDAY!! Hopefully these will help you as you plan for your honeymoon!

1. Lay everything out - I dunno about you, but if I see free space in my bag, I think to myself I must be forgetting something and I need to bring more. NO! Lay everything out first and you won't over pack.

2. Roll Away - This seems so simple, but rolling everything saves so much space. I know. I didn't believe it either until I tried it.

3. Get Separator Bags/Cubes - I actually don't have these but I plan to go out to Target today to find them.  If you can pack your shirts in one bag, your dresses in another and your pants in another... you basically have DRAWERS when you get to your destination.  My dad used to say "Kaboom!" when my luggage hit the bed and practically exploded from me digging for things and now Chris has adopted the same exclamation. I can't wait to prove them wrong on this trip!!

4. Interchangeable layers - Pinterest is amazzzzzing for this. Also Stitch Fix has been sending me guides on this too! See what different kind of outfits you can build with the same pieces. That'll make it look like you brought more outfits than you did!

5. Remember Your Passport - seems like a gimme, but the last thing you need is to show up ready to go and you forgot the most vital piece of the entire trip on your kitchen counter.

6. Leave Free Space - Normally I say leave half of your suitcase empty, but we're sticking to a carry on, so... not likely.  If you're anything like me... the second you find Newbury Street's equivalent that bag starts to fill up pretttttty quickly!


This post is also to tell MJP brides and new 2018 MJP bride hopefuls that we MAY be a little delayed in answering emails.  Do you see how that passport up there says 2008? Yep that's the last time I went to Europe and I imagine a few things have changed since then, but I'm heading over there remembering the last time when I had to stop at internet cafes to have any contact with the outside world. 

Remember to follow along on Instagram to see all our travels! We aren't going for our honeymoon (obviously :-P), but I figured the packing concept was relatable. We are going to see friends living in Switzerland and we are so excited!!