Styling Your Invitation Suite | Boston and Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

Ok I'll admit... while I seriously LOVE styled invitation photos, this can be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding day. I try to make every invitation suite look unique and perfect, while still tying in aspects and as many details of your wedding day as possible!  Here are a few ways MJP brides have made it easy for me to style their invitation in the BEST way possible.

1. Flowers - I'll say this all day 'er day (yes I was channeling my inner rapper for a second there ;) ) and that is why it is my number 1 suggestion.  Have your flowers delivered to where you are GETTING READY! Greenery and flowers are seriously the number one way to make your details shine. Along these same lines, remember to ask your floral designer to provide a few extra loose flowers so that I can use them.  As you can see in the image below, I often take them off of the stem and I don't want to have to take one away from one of the bridesmaid's bouquet!

2. Two Copies - You know that pretty print on the back that you took hours to decide on?  Well I can't capture that AND the gorgeous design on the front if I don't have two copies! Below you can see there were two sides to the RSVP card AND the details card!

3. Extra Elements - Bring a few items that are unique to your day or to you! Something like this can make your invitation suite stand out and be unique.  I probably get the MOST questions in this area, so feel free to leave your questions below OR leave an idea or two! Below are a few examples. One bride brought her grandmother's teacup (blue plate used below) because it was similar to her color palette and it was special to her. Another brought a piece of birchwood since it was used throughout the day, and it made for a perfect ring shot!

4. Calligraphy - Have your calligrapher calligraph a fake address to a real guest! Your calligrapher is an amazing artist too, and I want to capture their hard work AND your design so remember to ask for an extra. (The fake address is so I don't end up sharing someone's real address online ;) ) 

5. Items in Your Color Palette - I think it's pretty obvious by now I'm OBSESSED with The Mrs. Box and similar items.  Yes I have a few to help me style, but I often don't have the exact shade I should for your wedding day and in that case I will not include it.  Not to mention, you can get your new monogram embossed on your very own.  Definitely something to think about. ;)


The same goes for stamps in your color palette.  Stamps make the whole suite come together and ordering some vintage stamps off of Etsy gives your invitations that final touch they need!

6. Send it to Me - Yes, it has happened more than once where a bride was so busy preparing for the wedding that she completely forgot her invitation suite. Luckily, she had sent it to me ahead of time and I brought it with me the day of and made it work! (Of course it's always a struggle to save the envelope once it's mailed, so this is a last resort.)  Having it ahead of time also gives me some time to plan out what I think the best arrangement would be, gives me an idea of your exact color palette and gets my gears rolling for extra elements.  

As always, I hope that was insightful!  I feel like there are so many more aspects I didn't even touch on so PLEASE don't hesitate leave comments and questions below. I am happy to answer any and every question I can!


P.S. If you're curious who the invitation designer is, simply click the photo to get to their website!