Tim and Kelsey's Thomas Park Proposal | Southie, MA

When Tim called me to ask me to be there for his proposal to Kelsey, I was so excited to help out an old friend. We met up a few days before to map out the best spot, and I could tell then just how in love with her he is.  Even just mapping it out for the historical park right near their new home together, he seemed anxious to make sure it was just perfect and I knew she would love it!  Now, to just come up with an excuse to get her up to the park before a "work dinner" ;).


You got it! A puppy! Tim pretended that some friends of his got a new puppy, so it was worth it to make the trek up to the highest point in Boston.  Of course there was no such puppy, but I still spent my time waiting for them snapping a few dog pictures and pretending I was with them.


Kelsey had no idea as you can see...


After some of the excitement wore off we took a few pictures around the park.  As you can see that didn't stop the ear to ear smile on BOTH of their faces!


Here's to you K and T... I'm so happy I could be a part of it!