Brittany and Matt's Engagement Session | Quincy Market, Boston, MA

He met her when their friends were getting together to watch a Celtics game.  He claims she wasn't there to actually watch it but he remembers thinking just after she left "I hope I see this girl again.." Lucky guy he is, Matt saw Brittany again and realized by just how much they had in common that she was the one.  He brought her all the way up the Blue Hills and dropped down on one knee...

We started our day very early on the freedom trail in Boston, noticing quite quickly that we were witnessing the aftermath of a typical Saturday night in Boston.


It was very cold and the streets were empty, we were still waiting for that amazing light to shine through.


These two self proclaimed "goof-balls" had an amazing time just making each other laugh. They are often kicked out of family photos because they can't stop making funny faces!


But the in between moments where so easy to catch. They have such a natural chemistry with each other.

The Quincy Market Christmas Tree has been put up the night before! We just may have been the first Bostonians to see it this year.


And then they took a dancing break and enjoyed taking in the complete emptiness of the city.


Including the carousel.


Next stop was beautiful Union Street.


Some of you may know it is the spot for recent graduates to gather late at night, but at the right time when know one is around. It's magical.


We had some fun behind the ally ways as well.

Then for the best light of the day, we made our way to the docks, where this guy had no idea what he was in for. More on that in a minute.


I still can't believe how easily these two laugh with each other.


We decided champagne was in order and the seagull wasn't very happy about it. But Matt certainly was!


Cheers to you Brittany and Matt. I wish you all the happiness in the world.