Anna and Shawn's Maternity Shoot in Seaport District of Boston

Let me start by saying I lovvvvvve this couple! They have been friends of mine for 3 years now and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't know half the people I do.  They are just one of those couples that brings everyone together. They met quite some time ago on a co-ed softball team on BSSC, but it wasn't until they were randomly seated next to each other on a plane flying back to Boston that they realized they may have met their match. On their year anniversary Shawn proposed and they were married shortly after in the hills of Vermont. So imagine my excitement when I heard they were expecting!  


We met up in the Seaport district, near their cute condo in Southie. It was fun to watch them share in the joy of their soon-to-be child!

I've never had a couple where it was hard to get them to STOP laughing!


Please refer to my previous comment about the laughing!


After popping bottles, we finished off with a nice stroll by the Barking Crab, realizing just how much this part of the city has grown and how their family is about to grow.


The world is going to be one crazy place with a Bell and McGrath combo in it. See you soon, #MiniMcGrath!