Back At It!

Remember the last post where I said I was sick? Well it got me big time, for a week straight. But all that matters is I'm back to normal now and ready to fight! The biggest struggle this weekend was probably trying to pretend that I wasn't sick because Chris's friends are notorious teasers and I knew I wouldn't hear the end of it with the deep raspy voice comments. On top of that, I was shooting a wedding for a friend and wanted to make sure I got the best pictures possible! I'm very happy with the results and you can check out the pictures here:

In other big news... My apartment was rented today and I will be moving to the cape December 1st. I can't believe how choked up I got when the new tenant handed me the check because he's inlove with my apartment as much as I am. While I'm excited beyond all belief to move to the cape, it's the fact that I feel like I closed a chapter today. My young 20's downtown Boston city days are over and I will miss going for a quick stroll over to Fenway or Newbury Street.

Big changes in my life on all fronts but I'm so excited and I know I'll look back to this past month as a pivotal point where my career dreams were on the brink of coming true.

That being said I have a question for you all- would you mind telling me a couple words about how my photos make you feel? I think I've found my brand and I will reveal it soon but would LOVE some input from the outside world.

See you all tomorrow!