Day After My Announcement/BNI

WOW! I can't thank you all enough for the encouragement and support I have received from you all! It certainly calms the nerves a little to see so many of my friends and family send me texts, calls, emails, likes and comments. Makes me feel like I made the right decision. That new found confidence was pretty evident at this morning's BNI meeting. For those of you who don't know what BNI is (I was in your boat until recently), it's a networking group that my former client asked me to be a part of in South Boston. I should point out that Evan Margulies is another one of those people that pushed me and encouraged me to make photography full time. I had been trying to get into a BNI group for that (eek) full time economics direction job I had talked about for a while so when he called me and asked me to join as a photographer, I was a little confused. "Yeah I'll check it out but that's kind of just my part time thing so does that make sense?" His response? "You'll be great" ... along with a few photography referrals to encourage me even more.

The group has been amazing to me and very encouraging when I've shared my doubts of it being worth it to invest the time and money. Admittedly the first day I was thinking to myself "How am I going to fool these people into believing I'm actually a photographer?" That thought was quickly quieted when a close friend reminded me I've been paid for photography gigs for the past 6 years. Ok, point taken.

There are so many other young professionals in this group that are going through/have gone through the same business startup pains that I've had, so it's nice to have a few sounding boards bright and early on Tuesday mornings (if it weren't worth it, I wouldn't be getting up at 4:45am to face Boston traffic all the way from Cape Cod). Another huge push for me? Marissa Ross, who's head shot I've recently had the pleasure of taking for her (see below for the choices I sent her this morning!). Not only does this gal work full time at Liberty Mutual where she kills it, she's also a personal trainer and has her own company on the side as well. Her drive inspires me that I CAN accomplish what I want to.


Ok, maybe I lied about the MUCH shorter blog posts... but it's definitely better! Back to working out a marketing and goal plan for the next two years of my new business. See you back here soon I hope!