Hougas/Farrell Family Photo Shoot | Boston Common, Boston, MA

I consider myself lucky and, believe it or not, a better person for having the chance to hang out with this family for an afternoon (it actually turned into the whole weekend... but I digress). It was cold, it was rainy... but you couldn't tell that for a second with how much love and warmth is between them all.  The kids were sweet and so well behaved (I can't say that for Mandy and Jeff but..) and the jokes and giggles came naturally to them all.


I'll start with the Farrell family. They came all the way from Wisconsin to spend Easter with Myriah's sister and were the driving force behind the photo shoot!


Mandy, Myriah's little sister, and Jeff live in Boston and were ecstatic to have Mandy's family in town for the weekend. 


And of course, the two that started it all and also flew in from Wisconsin for the weekend. They have been together for 40 years this July!!


I hope these guys had as much fun as I did! I would do it all over again even with the cold and rain if it meant I could spend even more time with this whole family!!!