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BLOG TAKEOVER: More than once I've had guy friends ask me for ring shopping advice and I thought, who better to help than a jeweler?! Nick Sachs is a fourth generation jeweler. The Sachs family started out in the jewelers building in Boston Massachusetts and currently has businesses located in Shrewsbury and Mashpee Massachusetts. They specialize in bridal jewelry, fine jewelry, custom jewelry, and jewelry repair. Here's what he has to say: 

Hello there, if you’ve chosen to take a few minutes to read this, congratulations! You’ve made the most meaningful choice in your life, and have decided to get married to your most cherished loved one. Now to make the next most difficult decision, finding an engagement ring. Just kidding, finding that perfect ring is actually not that difficult.

The truth is you can find a beautiful ring at any budget. Traditional advertising has taught us that purchasing an engagement ring is a stressful, difficult, and important decision. It surely is a significant decision to get married, but the ring is a symbol of that choice, and over time the ring will become the frame that holds the moments of your life together. This is where the true value of an engagement ring can be found.  That being said there are some things to consider when purchasing one.

1. Style of setting. If you’ve discussed her style together then you should have a pretty good idea of what she wants. In these conversations you should ask what color metal she likes: white, yellow, or rose gold. (If she has a metal allergy getting a platinum or palladium ring will take care of that issue.) The design of the ring, such as solitaire, diamond halo, antique, or maybe she has a specific contemporary brand in mind. If you haven’t really talked about her style or you want it to be a surprise, a solitaire ring is always a good way to go. You can always ask her siblings or friends, but be careful of misinformation. Oh, and make sure to get her ring finger size if you can.

2. The diamond. Specifically, the shape of the diamond. Diamonds can be round, princess (square), oval, cushion, emerald, pear shaped, marquise, and even heart shaped.  Color and clarity are certainly an important factor in purchasing a diamond. However, my best advice is to use your eyes. If the diamond looks good to you then it will look good to her. I’ve seen many people drive themselves crazy comparing qualities to one another trying to figure out the best value or price. This strategy will create a lot of extra work and headache for you. In my experience, she will love the diamond you pick for her because it’s from you. And if you trust the person you’re working with, it will make the decision easier. Which leads me to……

3. The Jeweler. It’s important to purchase the ring from a jeweler that you feel comfortable with. You will know pretty quickly if it’s the right place. The right jeweler will make you feel at ease, answering all of your questions truthfully, and should leave you feeling a sense of trust. Finally, be honest with the jeweler that you now trust. Being honest with this jeweler is the best way to get the most for your money. You will have a relationship with this person and place as your marriage moves through its phases. It will become an important part of the story you tell about yourselves as well as your children. I’m sure you want it to be a good story, so don’t buy the ring from the jeweler that you didn’t like because you felt it was the “least expensive” or “best priced” ring you found.

If you follow these simple guidelines, I feel confident that your engagement ring process will be the easiest thing about getting married! Good luck and I wish you and your future family the very best.

Cheers, Nick Sachs

Feel free to comment below if you have any follow up questions for Nick and his team!