Planning the Perfect Bachelorette


I've found that entering this stage of my life has left me unprepared for things I never thought I'd have to learn about... how to plan the perfect Bachelorette Party for your wonderful girl friends who are getting married. Here are a few tips I've picked up along the way..

1. Pick a city - I've heard brides want to go anywhere from Vegas to "let's just go to a place we don't belong" and location has a big part to play.  If your bride isn't a partier, then Las Vegas probably isn't the best option.  Maybe she loves wine and you plan a wine tasting trip? Or maybe she's a horse fanatic and you rent a house near a farm for the weekend.  Whatever it is, try to make sure it's what your bride would truly want.

2. Pick the time of year - Again this directly relates back to what you think the bride would want, but in this case you can flat out ask her. The thing is, she will need to plan it in her schedule too, so keeping the date a complete surprise would be difficult. Don't be afraid to break the norm and do a fun ski weekend or rent a cozy cabin and watch chick flicks!

3. Invite the right people - We're three for three here... get the brides input on this one! You never know if there is some awkwardness between the bride and her sister-in-law!

4. Games - Decide what games (if any) you'd like to play and make sure you read the instructions while sober.  You don't want to completely miss the point because your vision was a little blurry! I'm also a huge fan of incorporating the groom in the games in some way shape or form (including pinning his head to a pin the (ahem) on his (ahem).

5. Have fun! - Remember the bachelorette party is about having a blast of a weekend for your friend that she will always remember, so try to set aside your bad work week and let it all out for your friend! You never know, it may turn into a pretty memorable for you too!


Have any additional tips or ideas? Be sure to leave them in a comment below!