Planning Your Wedding Day - Where to Begin?!


I'd like to start this post by saying... it's snowing harder than it has all winter... and it's April 4th. Grrr.

So you've just got engaged and everyone almost immediately starts to ask "What's your date?!" and you realize you have no idea where to  even start! I get it. It's a daunting (but exciting) task to get started and sometimes brides can be at a loss of where to begin. I say, first and foremost grab some coffee and... create lists!

1. The guest list- This is by far the most important of the lists you will create.  It will determine what venues will be options for you and who you both feel are the most important people to be at your big day.  I recommend making an A list of those that are most important to you, who you can't imagine not having at your big day, followed by a B list of those you would love to celebrate with.  Send out your invites early to those on the A list and see if you'll have more room for those on the B list.

2. The feel of the day list- You may need to start by listing options with your fiancé about themes or the feel of the day.  For instance, maybe your groom has always thought that you'd have a nautical theme and maybe you've always thought you would want a rustic feel.  Having it listed in front of you will help you determine if themes or feels can be combined and compromised.  Whatever you choose, make sure it suits you as a couple. This decision will also help you narrow down a venue choice.  For instance... you probably wouldn't have a nautically themed wedding on a mountain top or a ski/snowboard themed wedding on a beach.

3. What is most important to you- After you have created a budget, you'll want to create a priority list of sorts, to determine what you'd like to spend the most money on to what you could take or leave.  I know for me, venue and photography (Obviously :-P) will be the most important things, so I would have those two listed first to determine the percentage to spend on those vendors that are most important to me.  This will also tell you who to call first.  If you have known your whole life that you absolutely need to be married at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, Massachusetts, you better give them a call and make sure they have your date... which leads me to..

4. Date ideas- This is pretty self explanatory, but when you start to visit venues, you'll want your ideal dates or times of year listed out.  You may find that you save a ton of money to have your second choice date, so you want that spelled out ahead of time.

There are many more things to keep in mind but I don't want to overwhelm you with one post, so I'll continue to blog about this as I go!  Please let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful and what else you may have questions about.

Warmly, Meredith