Susan and Spencer's Family Photo Shoot | Acorn St, Beacon Hill, Boston


Anyone with a dog can tell you- the dog is family.  We love them like they are our own flesh and blood and it pains us to see them grow old so much faster than we do.  Meet Spencer.

This guy is about to celebrate his 12th birthday! So in dog years, he's almost 84 years old. When Susan called me, she said she wanted to capture the essence of Spencer so she could remember him always.


She warned me immediately he would be stubborn and not want to walk much, so we took this handsome stud to the most beautiful spot on Beacon Hill to ensure he had a background to match his swag: Acorn Street.


Yep that'll do it.  After some further research, I found that Acorn Street is the most photographed street in the world. Little did this old chap know, he was about to be the most photographed senior dog in the world!  We remarked a few times how we were shocked we didn't run into an engagement shoot but this street really captures their love of Beacon Hill, where Spencer grew up.


In true photo shoot nature, we did some walking shots.  Spencer was a little slow moving but we had some fun with it! Abbey Rd style and then a natural moment to show the love between these two.


And then of course the blurred parent in the background.  Spencer was a natural model that could grace the pages of GQ magazine!


Susan pointed out to me that there are certain things about him she absolutely loves and in particular wants to remember. One is that cute tooth that likes to poke out in the front. The other? The adorable curly q's on his backside. I get it! My favorite part about my Siberian Husky was her curly tail! I wish I had more pictures of it to this day.


And then of course we wanted to get that perfect shot for the "then and now" where Susan is holding him as a puppy. 12 years later...


By the end, Spencer was pooped. So I leave you with this adorable shot where he was trying with all of his might to keep his head up.  I'm sure all he wanted at that point was to cuddle with his mommy and snuggle up in his cozy Beacon Hill Condo. Off you go, Spencer! It was so fun capturing what a wonderfully loving dog you are for your Momma. :)