Taking Pictures is the EASY Part

Hello there! I know, I know I've been the WORST. I say I'm going to write every day, and what do I do? Once a week if I'm lucky. I have to ask- have you ever tried doing a blog? It's pretty tough to think of something to say once a day. All I can tell you is I'm working on it and I will try to be better! (Said to my likely one follower-thanks Mom :) )

I'm finally getting the business side of this going and I'm realizing (like my title says) taking pictures is the easy part! I'm trying to handle all of the business paperwork on the back end AND making sure I'm using my sales experience to make sure I'm busy on the front end, and then also managing time for edits and training (I'm taking a class to give me that much more of an edge). Not to mention I'm in the process of moving! Phew.

Now to the fun part. This weekend was so much fun. Not only was it Halloween and Chris and I went to Salem, BUT we got to spend the morning with our good friends Anna and Shawn! I met them through BSSC where I thought Shawn was the most intense softball captain ever... until I met his then girlfriend. The two are so competitive it was pretty clear from day one they were meant to be. Not to mention how tall they both are! They are expecting in January and I couldn't have been more honored to document Anna's pregnancy. I don't usually post two sneak peaks (I posted one on Facebook yesterday) but these two are so darn cute I had to post just a couple more.


Do you see how cute these two are?? Shawn was feeling left out not holding something near his belly :). Also apparently these two never got engagement photos which is a shame because they are so in-love. Hopefully this one shot will suffice for now. Can't wait to finish the rest.


Well that's all for now. See you...soon-ish? Stay tuned for the full blog post on Anna and Shawn!