Tracy and Pete's Sunrise Engagement Session | Sagamore Beach, MA

Tracy met Pete while at a friends house but it wasn't until years later that she saw "Sweet Pete" (affectionately called that by his friends for his propensity to smile at all times) out at a bar.  They got to chatting and although pulled away from each other more than once at the bar, the stars would align and Pete was outside when Tracy was leaving, and the rest is history. A few month's ago, Pete was so excited to propose he did so much earlier than planned and surprised Tracy with his engagement proposal while at home on their couch.

It was a cold morning, one of the coldest we've felt lately, but that didn't stop Tracy from giving me a call at 6:15am and so sweetly asking if we wanted coffee.  I knew right then the morning was going to be so fun! We started the day at the top of the cliff on Sagamore Beach where Pete used to hang with his friends in high school.


It was so cold they started the day snuggled in a blanket.


And soon I got to see that infectious smile everyone talks about.


In fact, it got to the point where I had to ask him to stop smiling!

You can even see a hint of a smile as he kisses his bride-to-be.


And then they stopped for a quick kiss while making our way down to the beach. Tracy looks so content in the arms of Pete, he seems to place a calm over her the second he embraces her.


We ended on the beach for a quick stroll, but these two were close as ever keeping each other warm.


Tracy and Pete, your love is so fun and pure and I can't wait to capture the moments as your say your I do's this October.


See their wedding day!