Way Family Portrait Session | Auburn, NH


Christy reached out to me about a year ago wanting to get a family portrait session for her parents as a Christmas gift.  Her parents are also lovingly called "Aunt" and "Uncle" by me because they were my parents best friends in high school.  Both couples went on to have kids and then their children have kids but we've always remained close!

At the time, Christy was pregnant, so she wanted her parents to decide whether they'd wait for the baby for photos or capture their family one last time before the new addition!  Perhaps you can imagine (from the year later I mentioned above) we waited for the baby...


It was clearly worth the wait.  Meet Maggie, she is now 7 months old and has started to develop a personality. Mike and Christy are beyond ecstatic to introduce you to  her.


The other person we were waiting for? Brian. He moved across country and then eventually to Baltimore where he met this lovely lady, Paloma.


This is the nature of the every changing family dynamic and I love being a part of capturing a moment in time for this growing family.  I leave you with the two that started it all. Still so in love a little down the road from those high school days.