Why I Think Engagement Photos with Your Wedding Photographer are a MUST


I promise this won't be some well thought out sales pitch, just a good reason why you should get engagement photos with whomever you choose to be your wedding photographer.  Three out of four of my packages include engagement sessions valued at $700 but included for much less when you purchase and entire wedding package and there is a good reason why.

Meeting with my couples, for say coffee, ahead of booking provides a great insight into who you are and if we will be compatible on your wedding day.  Just as much as my brides want to make sure I'm as loving and fun as (I hope) I portray on this blog and my online presence, I want to make sure we are spending one of our few precious Cape Cod summer weekends around people we like! I digress... the engagement session.

Benefits for You: Suddenly being thrown in front of a camera on the biggest day of your life to date can be a bit overwhelming.  You may become unexpectedly self conscious or extra nervous about the constant clicks. Not to mention, you may think I'm super weird for almost never taking my camera off my eye (a necessary evil to capture spontaneous moments!). During my engagement sessions, I give you a run down of basic poses and facial expressions that you'll be able to pull out quickly and naturally when I ask for them again on your wedding day.  You'll also see the method and rhythm of how I work and find poses and locations with you.

I'll also state the obvious that this will give you pictures for you and your soon to be spouse to cherish for a lifetime! I ask that my couples choose the location so that it is meaningful to them and will evoke a sense of nostalgia.  I strive to capture natural, warm moments between my couples and sometimes the location can have a bigger effect than you think! This way, if you choose to use the photos for your save the dates or website, your family and friends will say "this is SO you!"

Finally, god forbid, you hate me (unlikely because I'm pretty awesome ;-) ), you'll know that prior to the wedding day and can proceed from there.

Benefits for Me: The engagement session allows me to see how you interact as a couple and what angles flatter you the most.  An engagement session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, while on the wedding day, we generally have MUCH less time.  I want to make sure our plan of attack on the big day is efficient and smooth. And the more you know from the engagement session, the easier this will be. Secondly, I love building relationships and this is the perfect way to spend some time together so that I can get to know who you are as people, rather than words on a computer screen.

Oh, how I hope this helps as you make your decision as to which package to choose, no matter who you choose to capture the most special day of your life.