Your Wedding Hashtag | The How To's and Tips You've Been Looking For!


Not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite trendy thing about weddings right now.  It's seriously so fun to come up with something unique AND you have the added bonus of getting all of those instagram photos to one place.  A true win win.  As I write this I think to myself, I have NO

idea what I would do for my wedding some day... time to employ my insanely punny father :)

  1. Come up with it EARLY and stick to it. Wouldn't it be great if everything relating to your wedding was all in one place on instagram? Not only would you have that awesome goofy selfie of you and your bridesmaids just before you walk down the aisle, but you'd also have the awesome cake tasting shot to give your guests and friends a little behind the scenes action leading up to your big day.  Not to mention, your bridesmaid on the west coast can take a snap of her doing some planning of her own for your wedding. It's a fun way to include those near and far in the planning process.
  2. Have it on your Save the Date and Posted at the Wedding as Many Places as Possible Without Venturing into Tacky Land: The best way to ensure everyone knows where to look and what to type leading up to and on the big day is to have the #hashtag printed out for them as soon as they know your date.
  3. Check that it hasn't been used: This one is pretty obvious, but make sure another wedding with the same names hasn't already laid claim to that hashtag.  This is another reason to start posting early in case there is another bride out there looking too!
  4. Use Puns or Word Play: As mentioned before... my dad makes it his JOB to make a pun out of everything (for instance if I ask "Dad, can you make me a pun?" the response? " Poof! You're a pun!").  As much as my teenager self cringes, puns are insanely fun and will give people a little chuckle when they go to type in your hashtag!
  5. Use Numbers: Did you figure out your PERFECT hashtag only to find out it's been used? Add some numbers in there!  It'll make it that much different that it won't be confused with someone else's.

I could go on forever... but here's a start.  On a side note the hashtag in the picture was my best friend's and one of the best I've seen.  Luckily the groom had an amazing last name to work with, but it wasn't figured out until the bachelorette weekend where the bride asked the bridesmaids for help.  If you're stuck... ask your friends to toss out a few ideas!