Creating Our Save the Dates | Our Wedding Planning Series

It's time for our second installation of the step by step series of our wedding planning! Let me start by saying I know it's completely odd that we didn't use our engagement photos for our Save the Date, being wedding photographers and all, but that is for a couple of reasons.  One was because I have always been OBSESSED with watercolor art and had been dying to incorporate it into our wedding since the day Chris got down on one knee (ok maybe before that actually). The second was because I love cherry blossoms and spring and since our wedding can't be in the spring, I was pretty insistent that our engagement photos be in the spring. In order to get them out 8-10 months  before the wedding, there was no way we could wait for our session. 

We started by finding our favorite artist on Etsy. What was important to me was knowing what I was going to get, so I looked for a consistent artist.  (I also recommend this for picking your wedding photographer by the way!).  Next I reached out to Rhian because I just LOVED everything she put out there.  She started with a questionnaire and then gave us our first sketch.  From there we went around with her a few times to make tweaks and adjustments and wound up with the watercolor art of my DREAMS!


Next I ordered our final design from CatPrint because I asked for referrals from my favorite invitation designers and this one kept coming up.  It was very important to me to have accurate coloring since I was so particular about the coloring in the first place!  We decided to go with magnets because I know that I have a much easier time keeping track of the Save the Dates I receive that are magnets. We thought potentially doing a card and including a magnet would work, but I have heard horror stories that they accidentally were put through the machine.

About the same time as ordering the magnets, I ordered our custom stamps from Zazzle.  I looked at some already designed "Save the Date" stamps, but both Chris and I felt that would be redundant and so we went with a moped drawn by my mother (because of our first date!). Keep in mind that magnets weigh more so you may need higher priced postage! Ours came to $0.70 per envelope.  

Finally (and I do NOT recommend this) I told myself I could calligraph the envelopes myself.  Three trips in two days to Michaels later, I sat down for 11 hours straight (not an exaggeration) and I finished painting and addressing the envelopes. If I was doing this again, I'd hire a calligrapher but I loved how they turned out with that hand drawn raised feeling I wanted!

That's it!  I am absolutely thrilled with the final result.

Illustration by: Rhian Awni
Magnet Printing: CatPrint
Custom Stamps: Zazzle

Our Bridal Party Proposals | Lux Box Co and The Lobster Trap, MA

Exciting news today!  I'm excited to launch my off season project that will be detailing every step of the way of our wedding planning.  I am absolutely loving being on this journey with our 2018 brides and I am so happy to be sharing ours with you all. First up? Our bridal party proposal! A long time ago I wrote a blog post about picking your bridesmaids, but holy moly was it tough when it was actually my turn.  Honestly there were about 15 girls I wanted to be in it, but I decided to narrow it down to my family and friends that I can't go more than a week without texting.  

I wanted to do something extra special for them, and Lux Box Co. did just that! They truly brought my proposal vision to life and we worked out the perfect pink and bubbles theme.  Champagne Bubbles (a candy), a champagne glass, champagne and Bubble Bath by OPI (one of my ABSOLUTE favorites).  My two MOHs Brianna and Sophia got a little extra cosmetic bag from PCB Home that just happened to fit the theme as well. :)

Chris hasn't asked all of his groomsmen yet so I'll stick to the "proposals" for the four he has told so far, his brothers and my brothers. He and his friends have always forced themselves to do Jameson shots in order to make it more bearable when they are randomly asked... so he wanted to incorporate that into how he asked.  For the Best Men? They had to take two... yuck.  Again Lux Box Co. brought his vision to life! 

We decided to ask our family at our Engagement Dinner at the Lobster Trap (our favorite spot and truly the BEST place to get a lobster roll on the cape!) since they would all be there. Since we are getting married in Troy, NY, we wanted to make sure we incorporated at least ONE event on Cape Cod since it's so special to us.  I decided not to take too many pictures that day as to enjoy the moment, but here are a few below.  The Lobster Trap even hung Kerr jars over our table and my bridesmaid/Taylor's (one of the Best Men) long time girlfriend Lauren brought the sweetest engagement cake for us! 

Like I said... we didn't take many pictures because we wanted to enjoy the moment.  I'll never forget my bridesmaids tearing up a bit and I am so glad I was present.  Here's just one photo of us for the blog... because I had to. ;)


That's all until next time! I can't wait to share the next wedding planning advice I have! 

Proposal Boxes: Lux Box Co.
Venue: The Lobster Trap
Cosmetic Bag: PCB Home

A Friendsgiving Feast | Phineas Wright House, MA

This past year has been filled with so many surprise opportunities and new friendships, and I have to say a BIG part of that was a result of the Rising Tide Society's Tuesdays Together meetings.   While this incredible cozy fall shoot wasn't a direct result of that, I met Kate of Kate Murtaugh Events + Design and Kelly of Kelly Golia Events  through those little get togethers and they teamed up to design this whole shoot in about two weeks.  (No small feat!) I was incredibly honored to be asked to capture it for them along with Madeline Rose Photography to show different perspectives. The amazingly talented team created a Friendsgiving Day that would also make any fall bride's dream wedding come true.  

We were all pampered by Jocelyn, Sarah and Tada Style before getting to actually drink the Little Bitte custom cocktails around Phineas Wright House's wooden farm table built from the wood of the barn itself. Lilliput Design Studio (a new Boston transplant from Miami) laid out the most perfect menu cards atop a Borrowed BLU table scape for our feast while we looked on the beauty of Field & Vase and Weatherlow Farm's arrangements.  To top it all off, Wool and Whiskey kept us warm with the coziest of knit accessories throughout the night.  It was truly a Friendsgiving to remember and I am so excited to call these talented ladies my new friend-ors!

The Dynamic Duo - Phoebe of Weatherlow Farms and Willa of Little Bitte have teamed up in the most AMAZING way, creating custom fully edible cocktails (including the garnish!) and workshops on how to create them! Seriously... go look these two up. You won't regret it.


Our fearless leaders Kate of Kate Murtaugh Events + Design and Kelly of Kelly Golia Events! They designed this entire shoot from scratch just two weeks before bring it all together.


And finally, some of my new friendors!


Photography Above - Meredith Jane Photography
Event Planning & Design : Kate Murtaugh Events + Design and Kelly Golia Events 
Venue: Phineas Wright House
Additional Photography: Madeline Rose Photography
Floral Design:  Field & Vase and Weatherlow Farm
Cocktails: Little Bitte
Rentals: Borrowed BLU
Stationairy: Lilliput Design Studio
Calligraphy: Molly Grace Makes
Makeup: Sarah Lord and Jocelyn Mariah Makeup
Hair: Tada Style
Accessories: Wool and Whiskey