about the photographer

I am a curly-haired hugger who has always dreamed of my wedding day, so it was a no brainer after shooting my cousin's wedding in 2004 that this is what I was meant to do. I can be found running along Castle Island, building a beach bonfire on the Cape or simply lounging around watching our latest show obsession....  and if I'm lucky, doing the thing I love most - photographing my sweet, giddy and loving couples



I'm a hot chocolate kind o' lady. I say it's my way of pretending I'm drinking coffee, but really ... it's my sweet tooth.
On our first date, Chris and I rented a moped and drove it alllll the way around Martha's Vineyard. I knew he was the one for me.
I had a husky named Tatiana growing up and I still have her puppy picture as the background of my phone.




Chris and I are both originally from upstate New York, but it was here in Boston that we met and fell in love. He is the most fun loving and straight-forward person I have ever met. He makes every situation a party, making him a perfect addition to the wedding day for our

couples! He has always been interested in photography and has used this as a perfect opportunity to jump in with both feet. As a team, we strive to make your wedding day that much more enjoyable by remaining warm and fun while capturing every feeling that ensues.